Live Streaming

We provide a live streaming service in Newcastle and the wider North East.

In these times of uncertainty, businesses are increasingly turning to live streaming to deliver virtual conferences, discussions and announcements.

Live streaming your message could also save you money on attendee travel costs and venue expenses.

Our live streaming hardware allows us to seamlessly switch between up to four different camera angles. We can even cut to PowerPoint slides, images and display name captions.


Prices vary depending on your exact requirements, so please get in touch to talk things over.

Up to 4 hours including travel and setup: £400

Up to 8 hours including travel and setup: £600


  • Up to 2 static cameras: one wide angle, another focussed on the speaker/lectern/podium
  • Up to 2 microphones
  • One technician operating live stream and camera equipment
  • Studio lighting
  • Up to 100 virtual attendees
  • Recce beforehand to assess check location suitability (within 10 miles of NE1 post code)
  • Branded name captions
  • Broadcast is via Zoom
  • Ability to cut to attendees for Q&A
  • Password-protected stream
  • Unedited video file of the stream supplied


  • Additional technician
    Allows for camera movements – i.e. moving between panel speakers – while the other technician manages the live stream. Recommended for larger events or panel discussions.
    £200 (4 hours)
    £300 (8 hours)
  • Third camera
    £75 (4 hours)
    £100 (8 hours)
  • Up to 500 Zoom participants
  • Up to 1,000 Zoom participants
  • Editing of video content
    The footage can be edited into shorter cuts for your social media, marketing or internal comms use.
  • Mileage