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CAA approved drone operator hire in Newcastle and the North East

Drones are everywhere. But to legally use footage or stills taken from a drone or ‘UAV’ (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) commercially, you need to make sure the person who shot the material has a Civil Aviation Authority Permission for Commercial Operations(PFCO) and is appropriately insured. That’s where I come in.

Before flying, I will assess the airspace – contacting air traffic control where necessary, carry out a full risk assessment and make sure all safety precautions are in place. Only then can we get airborne to grab those killer drone shots.

So whether you’re an estate agent in County Durham, structural engineer in Middlesbrough, a property developer Sunderland, hotelier in Northumberland or broadcaster covering the North East, you’re in qualified hands with Newcastle Video Company.

I’ll also travel further, offering drone operator hire and aerial photography and videography in North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Scotland and anywhere in the UK. Get in touch for prices.

Aerial mapping

An aerial map shot with a drone affords you incredible detail and flexibility. Gone are the days of hiring a light aircraft and photographer!

In the below example, created for a quarry in the North East, the drone flew three autonomous flights along a virtual grid 400ft high. The camera points immediately downwards, and takes an image every couple of seconds. The end result is 600 images that are stitched together to form one large image – or map, covering 50 acres in this case. Far greater detail can be achieved by flying at altitudes below 400ft; this requires more flights and creates more images to process.

Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 10.22.21-3

At its full resolution, this image is 282 megapixels and 5.5 metres wide! Here’s a close up of the centre part of the image:

Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 10.41.41

Aerial mapping with a drone has many useful applications, including construction sites, large engineering projects and housing developments. Aerial maps can be particularly useful for showing construction progress.

Aerial mapping prices are from £450.

Basic pricing

Day rate (4K drone hire + operator): £450*,**
Ideal for video and TV production companies, news agencies, broadcasters and large-scale construction or engineering projects.

Single flight of up to 25 minutes (4K drone hire + operator): £150***
Ideal for building surveyors, structural engineers, roof inspections, solar panel inspections.

Aerial mapping: From £450.

Footage is provided in formats of up to 4k@50fps 100Mbps H.265  and images are up to 20MP RAW.

*  Up to eight hours including travel time
** Up to three locations
** * Up to two hours including travel time

Where can you fly?

There are restrictions on where – and when – drones can fly. Generally, the public can’t fly within what the CAA define as a ‘congested area’ – but our CAA permission gives me the authority to do so. However, I still need to abide by a set of rules that are designed with public safety in mind.

Broadly, I can’t take off or land within 30 metres of people, structures or vehicles that aren’t ‘under my control’. And once I’ve taken off, I must maintain a distance of least 50 metres from those people, structures and vehicles – unless I have gained permission, in which case I can get as close as is safe. Assessing whether or not a flight can proceed in a congested area can be a relatively complex task – and each case is different.

The weather is also a factor; I can’t fly if it’s raining, too cold or too windy. The weather can be challenging in the North East and Cumbria, meaning it’s best to book your drone + operator hire as early as possible to allow us to to take advantage of better weather conditions.

I’ve worked for organisations including the BBC, Greggs, Siemens, Eon, the National Trust, the NHS and many more.

So, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

“High places have gravity. They pull us up. We build skyscrapers and visit their observation decks; we ask for an upper floor in a hotel; ponder photographs taken from high above our homes, our towns, our planet with a mix of love and bewildered recognition.” – Mark Vanhoenacker in Skyfaring.